Welcome to the TRA rowing family!

We have posted several pieces of information about Topeka Rowing Association (TRA) on this web site for your review and to keep you informed as to the activities happening within the association. There is also a link on the right side of the TRA home page where current events and notifications are posted.

We have also established a communications plan that will help us post relavent information about events, manage your TRA account, and allow you to post information to us. Below is listed an abbreviated set of instructions that should get you and TRA connected!

Creating Your TRA Account

We are utilizing a web application ("the Online Management System" [tOMS]) that allows you to create an account (individual), TRA to create an account (organization), and enables the posting and sharing of needed organizational information as well as specific entries associated to your account.

Any rower can create an individual account, as well as parents, sponsors, volunteers, and others who would like to stay in contact with TRA.

The steps to creating your individual account:

(1) Access the "tOMS" web application click the "Memebers Pages" link on the left of the TRA home page. This will display the "tOMS" login page.

(2) On the tOMS login page, click the link that says "Create a New Individual Account".

(2) Enter your email address and password and your Name, and any of the other information (optional), then press the "Create" button at the bottom of the tOMS account page.

(4) After creating your Individual record, additional tabs will be displayed at the top of the page. Click the "Your Organizations" tab to display a list of organizations to join.

(5) In the first section (left hand column), select the Topeka Rowing Association organization and then press the "Apply Changes" button.

Your done!!! (Well, ok, you have just created an account and requested to be a 'member' (contact) within the TRA organization.)

What happens next?

The TRA management (a board member) will then see your request and add you to the TRA organization (connection complete!).

To redisplay your account record, press the "Member Pages" link on the TRA home page, then enter you "email address" and "password" on the tOMS Login page.

When "Your Information" is displayed the Topeka Rowing organization will have already been selected since you used the "Member Pages" link to access "tOMS". If you log out of you "tOMS" account and then log back in you will need to click the "Topeka Rowing Association" link under the "Pick an Organization..." heading (right side of web page) to redisplay information from the TRA Organization.

When TRA posts upcoming information, it will be display just above your account information.

For further information about "tOMS" and how TRA is using it to manage the organization, please just ask any board member. They'll be glad to help. thanks

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